NBA 2K14 — Quantum Hoop The Finale: Beckett vs. Beckett

All right team, you’re going to have to decide between Jason Richardson and Tony Allen.
This is a terrible idea.
No, it’s natural selection.
Yes! I won the balloting!
Only becasue Beckett didn’t vote and Evan Turner can’t think of anything but DOTA.
You mean I’m not a feeding noob.
Shut up, Evan. This is important.


Okay, I guess it’s not that important.
Sam, I think we’ve figured out what’s going on with Jackson Ellis.
A future version of you has leapt into his body.
Oh come on that’s just bullshit.


So, this is it. March 29, 2014.
In the original timeline, the 76ers narrowly avoided a NBA record for consecutive losses.
But you leapt into the body of your son, and carried them to the playoffs on that date.
And now, I’ve leapt again into this timeline, into the body of Jackson Ellis…
Why? Why would I try to undo everything I already did?
That’s a good question, Sam.
And I hope that we’re finally going to answer it.
Yo, Beckett, who are you talking to.
Oh, no one. Just getting myself worked up for the game, that’s all.
It’s okay. I talk to myself sometimes, too.
My own voice is calming, especially when I make it deep like a wise old man.

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NBA 2k14 – Quantum Hoop Episode 7: Motor City Showdown

Hey kid, sorry about your disease.
Now wear this clown nose.
This is humiliating.
But I am suddenly scoring a ton.
You’re really kicking ass, kid. Let’s go out on the town.


Oh god…
That was a worse decision than the clown nose.
Pull it together, Sam! Your first game against Jackson Ellis is almost here!


Are you ready for what you have to do?
Don’t you worry, after what he did to me in the draft showcase…
I’m going to destory Sam Beckett Jr.
That’s what I like to hear.
I don’t get it. Why is all this so important?
You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to make sure everything goes right on March 29.
What is this about? Money? Power?
Oh, nothing so simple.
This is about freedom. Opportunity. Justice. The founding principles of this country.
So some deep shit?
Everything went astray, Jackson.
This is not the world our fathers built for us.
It isn’t?
Listen to me, Jackson.
Our time is fleeting on this planet.
We are born, we die, and we fade away.
I ain’t gonna fade away.
You’re missing the point, Jackson.
In the end, all we have is what we have left for those that come after.
And I intend to return the world to the way it should be.
Oh, like Katniss standing up to the Capitol?
Uh… Yes. Exactly like that.
But that was undermined by the actions of the–
Quiet! I haven’t read the books. I’m only watching the movies.
That’s a shame.
I don’t have many people to talk to about the books.
Everyone else in the locker room is the same way. Just waiting for the movies.
My time is valuable. I’m trying to change the world.
Yeah, but do we really want the world changed by someone who doesn’t read?
I read!
It’s just mostly nonfiction.
That’s what they all say.
You don’t even know me!
Yeah, I bet it’s hard to read what with you being all up in the shadows all the time.
Not good for your eyesight.
So, does that mean you’re gonna get some lights and let me see your face?
No. You’re not ready to understand yet.
Now you have a job to do. You must destroy Sam Beckett Jr.
Don’t worry. I look forward to it.


So, Al, can you ask Ziggy 2.0 what the hell is up with the media these days?
What do you mean?
All they want to talk about is this game against Jackson Ellis.
It’s like they’ve forgotten about my illness or my clown nose.
Well, you remember ESPN, right? And how crazy it was there was 24 hour sports channel?
Now there’s ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPN Classic, ESPN Deportes, ESPN After Dark–
ESPN After Dark? I don’t think my TV gets that one.
You have to be a member of the Bohemian Club to receive ESPN After Dark.
What’s on it?
You ever want to see a live feed from inside Derek Jeter’s bedroom?
They spy on baseball players?
Nah, Jeter is totally into it.
Anyway, this is all without even touching the Fox Sports networks.
And a million websites.
What does this have to do with everyone obsessing about me vs. Ellis?
With all these outlets, all competing, the media has a short attention span.
They can only focus on the immediate controversy, and forget about everything else.
Even a guy making up a disease?
You should be glad that the media isn’t looking into it more.
You could have ended up on NCIS: ESPN.

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