NBA 2K14 – Quantum Hoop Episode 14: All Star Weekend


Oh man, the Pistons again? It’s always the Pistons…
Yo, Beckett, I feel like our rivalry is making us both better players…
…so I want to help you out but I can’t help you out if you know what I mean.
I don’t.
I think it’s code, Sam. Look at this:


You highlighted random letters in that message.
No Sam, this is a message.
“Its u Sam fo sho”?
Sam, I think you’re the one behind whatever is going to happen March 29.
You from the future…er…present. You from 2014.
This is so confusing.
And I still need to decide who is going to be my agent.
Pick me and you’ll be rich with VC!
I can’t abandon my childhood best friend, uh, whatshisname.
You’ll regret this, Sam Suck-It.
Whatever, man, I’m an All Star.


Good news, Sam, I think I’ve got you another deal.
Yeah, what’s going on with Kia?
Didn’t I have to win 4/5 games? We definitely did that.
Well, uh…
Don’t tell me it fell through.
Listen, I don’t know what happened. It just hasn’t come up again.
It just hasn’t come up?
I don’t know what to say!
But this is bigger. This is Champs sports.
You know the other guy was promising Adidas.
Man, Adidas was founded by a German named Adolf.
And don’t get me started on that Korn song.
Okay, I know one of those things is innately bad.
Yeah that Korn song is embarrassing.
I meant–
So, Champs sports is a subsidiary of Foot Locker. Foot Locker, Sam.
Okay, I guess that’s a good thing.
There’s only one catch…


Wait. What?
Are you kidding me?
That’s what they’re telling me.
Have they looked at the stats lately? The standings? Anything?
This is just how the game is played, Sam.
What game?
Because it clearly is not basketball.
Marketing, man. My game.
Shouldn’t you be able to outplay Ellis’s agent?
Well that’s the bad news, you see, because when you turned down that other guy–
Are you telling me Ellis signed with the super agent? And that’s why I gotta compete with him?
I get it, I get it, this seems like a raw deal after you picked me over him.
You think?
If it’s really a big deal you could go back to him. No hard feelings.
Nah, I burnt that bridge. He called me “Sham Wreck-it”.
He really said that?
Man, white dudes do not know how to throw shade.
Yeah, well, I guess I just have to outplay Jackson Ellis again.
This time at the All Star game, right?
What? No. Ellis isn’t an All Star. At the Futures Game.
Am I being arrogant if this is kind of insulting?
Kind of.
So I have to outplay Ellis at the Futures game for the Champs deal?
That’s the deal.
Well, I think I can do that.

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