NBA 2K14 – Quantum Hoop Episode 2: Feeling a Draft


Oh my God, I’ve leapt into the body of the son I didn’t even know I had
Oh my God he found out about his son!
And we’re in the future!
I’m your best friend since childhood and I got you a shot in the NBA.
But you don’t even know my name.
Looks like all I have to do impress in the rookie showcase.
That means beating Jackson Ellis.
May the odds never be in your favor.
Fortunately I did basketball only two seasons ago.

You got lucky and you beat me.
Okay, ready to leap now.
Nope. Not happening.


Next up are the pre-draft interviews.
Teams that were impressed with your performance will want to talk to you one-on-one.
I had 39 points, shouldn’t all the teams be impressed?
You also only had one assist, and no steals or rebounds.
The coach kept calling for pick-and-rolls and I got confused.
You got confused by the pick-and-roll?
Sam, be careful here.
Ziggy says the pick-and-roll is a play that became popular throughout the 90s.
Oh, the Sprite of basketball?
I guess you could call it that. But why was it confusing you?
That’s… Not what I meant. I meant I just wanted to shoot for myself.
C’mon, S. Don’t go saying that in the upcoming interviews.
And before that, we’ve got a few other things to go over.
Yeah, like how Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California.
Man, I keep telling you: go to wikipedia for that.
And I keep telling you I don’t know what wikipedia is.
It’s good you can ball, because you’d be lost otherwise.
Anyway, the NBA sent over this personality test for you to fill out.
Really? And I’m supposed to be cool with that?
They’re about to make you a millionaire, so yeah. You’re supposed to be cool with that.
First, I want to talk about your expectations for your career.
If you could choose any team to draft you, which would it be?

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