NBA 2k14 – Quantum Hoop Episode 5: Thaddeus Explains It All


Sorry, Beckett, but you won’t be getting any playing time without an injury.
Oh God! My ankle!
Get out there, Beckett.
You did this!
Great job, kid, maybe I’ll let you start the next game.
Just kidding.
Al, what do I have to leap out of here?
Something big is going to happen on March 29
Oh no, he knows about March 29!
Then you’re going to have to destroy him the next time you meet.


I know that March 29 is a long time away, but so far this season has been a disaster.
I can’t get playing time, my teammates are bad, and Jason Richarson hates me.
If leaping out of here depends on winning a game–
Don’t despair yet, Sam.
Have you forgotten about your VC?
Coach won’t let me forget about VC.
He says that the secrets of the universe are coded in the block chain.
Well, the good news is that in response to the server issues…
…we’ve received a bunch of codes for VC.


We’re rich!
Finally I can upgrade this wardrobe.
I’ll get right on that.


Really funny, Al.
I think it’s an upgrade.
You know, my ex-wife loved Hawaiian prints.
Surely you can remember which one had such terrible taste?
It’s a good look on you, Sam.
Get me a better shirt.
Remember, we have to use VC to upgrade your abilities, too.
You still want me to waste it on more clothes?
…I guess not. Let’s look at upgrading my skills

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