NBA 2K14 – Quantum Hoop Episode 11: Hoop Detective

Ellis, you need to kill Sam Beckett.
But you’re Sam Beckett! Clearly you don’t want–
God damn it.
Well, Sam, you beat Ellis again.
Yeah, and he said I was handsome.
What do you think that means?
Beckett, quit daydreaming about Jackson Ellis.
I’m making you a starter.
I hate to interrupt this important moment, but Sam there’s something you should know.
Donna was murdered in the 1990s and the killer was never caught.
Oh my god.
You know what that means?
We have to solve the murder.

Sam, I don’t think we’re here to solve a decades old murder.
But the victim was Donna! My wife in an alternate time line! And the mother of who I’m inhabiting.
You shouldn’t talk too much about that, it makes me uncomfortable.
I mean, oedipus much?

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