NBA 2K14 – Quantum Hoop Episode 12: Agent of Change

We have to solve the murder of my mother.
But Sam, we need to stay grounded. Quantum Leap was never a murder mystery.
Well, then we need to pull from another show.


Basketball is a tragic misstep in evolution. Nature crated an aspect of nature seperate from itself…
…and now it has come crashing down on the rims of natural law.
This makes you even more insufferable than usual.
Find the Yellow King.
LeBron James is the Yellow King.
Okay, LeBron, tell me what you know and also teach me to dunk.
Your mom was killed by a time traveler, time is a flat circle, and so is the hoop. Grab on and hang like this.


A time traveler? But… I’m the only time traveler.
Then you must eventually become the murderer.
This whole story is bullshit.


I warned you not to look into this, Sam.
You knew that Donna was murdered, and that I was responsible, and you did nothing.
No, I didn’t know that you were responsible.
And you weren’t. At worst, you will be responsible.
How long have you been travelling through time and you still don’t understand?
Well, if I’m going to kill Donna in the future, that’s an easy problem to solve.
I just have to choose not to do it.
If it were that simple, Sam, then why did it happen?
I don’t know! Leaping into the future has disrupted everything I thought I understood.
Even myself.
Right now you can’t be worrying about what will happen and has happened in the future past.
Oh god when you put it like that it’s even worse.
Right now you need to be playing some solid basketball.
Are we still worried about March 29?
A few months ago it was a big deal because the 76ers were terrible and I had to beat Jackson Ellis.
But right now the 76ers are pretty good.
You’re pretty good. Have you taken a look at the stats for the rest of the team without you?


Okay, yeah, I see your point.
Right now, if I were Jackson Ellis, I’d be finding a way to take you out of the equation.
Without you, this team is completely lost.
Yeah, I guess I am pretty much carrying the team.
Without your interference in history, the 76ers would be one of the worst teams in the league.
The team would be in disarray. Evan Turner’s gone. Thaddeus is begging for a trade.
The lottery would be their only hope.
But now we’re looking for the playoffs.
Be careful, Sam. You can’t let up. And you can’t drop your guard.
We still don’t know what happens if the 76ers lose on the 29th.
Don’t worry, we’re not going to find out.
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