MLB The Show – World War K: Money Also Walks


Start from the Beginning – Episode 1: The History of the First Base War

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PrimeTime Moose and the St. Louis Cardinals were defeated, and the Kansas City Royals wouldn’t have to face them again, except perhaps in the World Series.  Taking 3 out of 4 games from the Cardinals was a huge boost to the Royals, as the Redbirds had established themselves as the best team in the NL of the first half, despite the often puzzling decisions of the manager.  But this was just the beginning of a stressful month of June.  The MLB Amateur Draft was scheduled immediately after the series against the Cardinals, and then the New York Yankees rolled into Kansas City for a four game set.  The Yankees hadn’t been a particularly formidable team to date, but they were boosted by the addition of a robot master of their own.

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Unlike Mike Mussina, who had allowed his consciousness to be used as a template for robot players because he wanted to be able to better control farm equipment, Rickey Henderson’s reasons for submitting to the experiment were a lot simpler: he still didn’t want to leave the game.  Despite being quite old when robots began playing MLB, Henderson was not ready to hang up his cleats.  The 80-something outfielder still believed he had a few more good seasons in him, even if his body disagreed in literally every way possible.

Rickey had not left baseball on his own terms.  While he played his final game in 2003, he continued to insist that he was in good enough shape to suit up for any number of teams, and could be an immediate contributor.  Despite a pedestrian final season and legs that were held together with withering sinew, he toughed it out in the independent leagues and maintained his desire to return to MLB until 2007.  The advent of robot players gave Rickey a chance to run again.

Whereas Mussina’s imprinting failed, Rickey’s was wildly successful.  The original Rickey Henderson remained in his body, while numerous copies of his consciousness were sold and uploaded into leadoff robots around MLB.  Each one was tweaked slightly, given upgrades and abilities to make it stand out.  The most successful was converted into a switch hitter for the Neo New York Yankees.  This particular iteration on Rickey Henderson, Flash Money, was chosen by K.I.R.K.G.I.B.S.O.N. to go back to 2014 to assist in the destruction of baseball.

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NSA Collecting 2013 MLB Draft Results

The National Security Agency has collected the results of the 2013 MLB draft hours before it was scheduled to begin, under a top secret court order issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The order requires MLB to disclose the draft results whether or not the draft has occurred, forcing baseball executives across the country to piece together the details of an event that has not yet come to pass.

After the revelation of this secret, sweeping court order, the Obama administration has come under intense fire. Critics claim that the order, which allowed the government to obtain the upcoming draft results, violated federal law, state law, and the laws of nature.

“I’m not sure how any court could sign off on this order,” said intelligence committee member Mark Udall. “This information is protected for a reason, and that reason is clear: cause and effect is the dominant principal of classical physics.”

Dodging questions about the efficacy of time travel, a White House spokesman defended the legality of the order. “This type of information gathering is key in the war on terror. If the Chicago Cubs draft a superstar and go on to win the World Series, it could have a destabilizing effect on the entire region. That is the sort of crisis we have to be prepared for.”

The MLB order was made under a rather obscure provision of the Patriot Act, permitting the executive branch to direct the production of records pertaining to a specific, named sporting event. This subsection was added in 2003. Former President Bush pushed for the change after missing the Superbowl during a visit to Brazil due to confusion over the fact that January is a summer month in the Southern Hemisphere.

Several prominent senators have questioned the very existence of the provision permitting the subpoena of sporting records in the Patriot Act, but none have actually read the document to determine the validity of the order. “I guess that part is in there,” said Senator Tom Coburn. “I’m going to need a few more staffers to go through and verify. Fortunately, the NSA has already done the head hunting for me. By the end of the year, half these soft-tossers the Twins will drat will be out of baseball.”

The value of the documents received from MLB is undeniable. “You won’t believe what we learned,” said one operative, tasked with sorting out the details of the draft.  “For example, we’ve saved law enforcement hundreds of hours just by pre-emptively detaining every new member of the Rays organization.”

Meanwhile, as details about the disclosed documents leaked out, former Vice President Al Gore voiced his displeasure. “This is a complete over-reach,” he said emphatically. “The Mariners should have gotten more talent with the twelfth pick.”