NBA 2K14 – Quantum Hoop Episode 4.1: This Save Requires an Active Connection to the 2K Servers

Hey, Nerlens, you know why developers keep trying always-online gaming?
No, Thad. Why?
It’s all part of the plan to make things better for gamers.
But that doesn’t make any sense. We have barely been able to get to a game all week!
That’s just phase one of the plan.
Phase one?
See, Nerlens, there’s a good reason to require an online connection for a single player game.
It’s all about synergy.
Coach talks about synergy all the time!
For good reason, because synergy is the new paradigm.
It’s a low-risk, high-yield reinvention of the ecosystem.
Okay, none of that made sense. I just wanna hear about phase two.
Because phase two has gotta make up for this bullshit, right?
Forget about phase two for now.
But you said–
Have you ever wanted to be part of a community?
I guess so…
What if you could vertically integrate all aspects of a community?
Top to bottom, within one economy.
I… I uh… I meant “ecosystem”.
That still doesn’t make sense.
Seriously, Thad, when does this get good for gamers?
Well, first you have to redefine “good”.
But I don’t want to redefine “good”!
What if I redefine good and then everything is bad?
And what if everything is great?
Nothing is great right now.

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