NBA 2K14 – Quantum Hoop Episode 11: Hoop Detective

Ellis, you need to kill Sam Beckett.
But you’re Sam Beckett! Clearly you don’t want–
God damn it.
Well, Sam, you beat Ellis again.
Yeah, and he said I was handsome.
What do you think that means?
Beckett, quit daydreaming about Jackson Ellis.
I’m making you a starter.
I hate to interrupt this important moment, but Sam there’s something you should know.
Donna was murdered in the 1990s and the killer was never caught.
Oh my god.
You know what that means?
We have to solve the murder.

Sam, I don’t think we’re here to solve a decades old murder.
But the victim was Donna! My wife in an alternate time line! And the mother of who I’m inhabiting.
You shouldn’t talk too much about that, it makes me uncomfortable.
I mean, oedipus much?

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NBA 2K14 – Quantum Hoop Episode 8: The End of the Lie


I want you to destroy Sam Beckett Jr.
Don’t worry, I’m going to run him all around the court.
No, I want you to kill him.
Yeah, I’m going to kill his unsustainable shooting percentage.
Listen, you need to murder him.
Exactly, murder his all star game chances.
Your first game against Jackson Ellis is coming up. How are you going to prepare?
Getting into a fight with Jason Richardson, of course.
That’s not productive…
You’re going down, Beckett.
We’ll see.
Fuck, embarassed myself again!
You disappoint me, Ellis.
I don’t even know who you are.
I’m Dr. Sam Beckett
That doesn’t make any sense!
Or maybe it makes too much sense.
No. No it doesn’t!


Well, Al, I soundly beat Jason Ellis in Detroit and the 76ers are actually playing like a good team.
This is going more smoothly than expected.
I wouldn’t get too used to it.
Why not?
I suspect that there is more than meets the eye about this situation.
Why is that?
If it’s really going to be this easy, then the run up to March 29 is going to be a slog.
I said “smoothly” not “easy”.
I still have to wear that stupid clown nose in public.
We should get some pictures of that to send back to everyone at the office.
Did you know they don’t use film to take pictures anymore?
What? Polaroid finally won?
It’s all digital.
Digital? Like 1s and 0s?
I guess so.
How does that even work?
I don’t know, but my phone can take unlimited pictures.
What’s the use of putting a camera on a phone? How many pictures can you take of your own living room?
Get this… I’m talking about a mobile phone.
You’re messing with me.
It’s smaller than my wallet.
And it’s made by Apple.
Now I know you’re just making this up.
My ex-wife invested in Apple. Terrible decision.
I hope she didn’t sell.
Or maybe I do, depending on how spiteful you are.

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